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Tasha Tobias

Tasha began dancing and twirling at age two. Tasha was always at the dance studio with her mother who owned Ms. Rhonda’s School of Dance and Twirl. Tasha was always dancing and flipping every where. She was the entertainment at every family function. Tasha was on dance teams and baton teams where she learned at least four routines. She learned a dance solo, a baton solo, and a duet every year. She was also on the officer studio team squad where she learned another three routines. She at least had to perform nine or ten routines a year with the studio. She started competing right away since she was always around the Studio. She won State, Regional, and National Titles as well as many awards. It became apparent right away that she was going to be an Instructor when she would always try to take over the classes she was in and was always assisting at the Studio. In Jr. High she was a twirler for the band, was a cheerleader, and was on the Jr. High Dance Team. In high school she was on the high school dance team from 2003-2007. While competing with her high school drill team she would perform at least 7 routines and kept competing with her studio 6 routines to a total of about 13 routines at one competition. She was a lieutenant officer her sophomore year and Colonel her Junior and Senior Year. She was a former National Champion with the Texas Spinning Stars, She was a former MA Twirl Solo Champion many times, Former Dance Solo Champion many times, and  Former Danceline Solo Champion. Tasha studied by attending Camps, TDEA Conventions, workshops, and college. She was a student of TX Academy for seventeen years and a Student Instructor for eight years. She has been an Instructor now for over five years. Tasha taught Marching Auxiliaries Summer Camp and was a Marching Auxiliaries Staff Judge. She has choreographed for New Caney Bluebonnets High School Team and Dance Departments, Humble High School Dance Department and more. She is the Director of the TX Academy award winning Dance Teams. Her students have won grand champion solos, duets, trios, and Teams. Tasha recently completed a degree in cosmetology where she plans to pursue the hair, make-up, and costuming that goes hand in hand with the dancing field.

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