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Rhonda Tobias

Rhonda is the CEO of TX Academy. She was married in 1977 and has been married ever since to Tony Tobias, a retired Houston Firefighter. Ton's other talents are building anything Rhonda needs for the Studio. Rhonda and Tony raised 4 children and are now enjoying their grandchildren. Rhonda began dancing and twirling in her parent’s house at the age of two. Choreography started at an early age when she was making up routines for the neighborhood. It was at that time her parents decided they had no choice but to get her formal training. Rhonda studied in the early years under Buddy and Tina’s in Houston. Although she danced all her life it became apparent that baton twirling was her favorite. She was chauffeured around to NBTA, USTA, and AAU Competitions and Beauty Pageants. She won many awards as well as State, Regional, and National Titles. She studied under many greats like, Eddie and Tina Pratt, Starr Shepherd and more. Rhonda was a featured twirler in High School and made the Sam Houston State University twirling line. She mentored under Regina Symons, former Drill Team Founder and owner of Cheer and Dance Power. Rhonda began teaching baton twirling in 1979 at local dance studios and day cares throughout Humble, Spring, Kingwood, and Porter. She began producing students who won State, Regional, and National Titles. It was at that time her parents encouraged and helped her to open her own studio to house her students. Her studio was first named Illusions and then became known as Ms. Rhonda’s. She employed dance, ballet, and gymnastic instructors and taught baton twirling and dance to little ones herself. She was a USTA judge for over 5 years. Rhonda earned her degree in Child Development while raising children and running her studio. She was assisted by her sisters, Becky and Robin. Becky went on to graduate from Sam Houston State with a degree in dance and currently teaches a High School Drill Team.

Rhonda is now teaching children and grandchildren of some of her first students. Many former students have contacted Rhonda to express their wonderful memories of their childhood at the studio. Students who have came from the studio have gone on to be Kilgore Rangerettes, Apache Bells, Texan Cheerleaders, members of the Stephen F Austin Competition Pom Squad, Stephen F Austin featured twirler, Sam Houston State featured twirler, members of the Texas State Dance Team, Marching Auxiliaries Staff, Danceline Staff, instructors in elementary through high schools, instructors of high school drill teams, and many other non dance related jobs. This goes to show that Rhonda’s school philosophy builds desirable traits in students and at the same time assists in preparing the students for their future lives to be successful. Rhonda recently changed the name of her studio to Texas Academy of Dance and Twirl, home of the Texas Star Steppers, to serve her growing award winning competition teams and a wider area of students. The Studio now offers ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, gymnastics, cheerleading, break dancing, and of course baton twirling.

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